Catch Up Time

I am truly in awe of those who can blog on a regular basis. You know, those people who update their space on a schedule and send E-Mail updates at LEAST once a week. So, if I wore a hat, it would be off to those amazing bloggers.

Then there are people like me, who start with high hopes and then get way-sided. The New Year began with the best of intentions, I was determined to make blogging a part of my day, everyday! I didn’t even make it through January and here it is the first week in March. With that said, I will TRY to play catch-up this week with what has been going on here in Virginia.
January and February the East Coast was blanketed with record snowfalls. New York, Washington DC, and North Carolina friends all reported that schools were closed and they were snowed in. I looked through my stack of untried patterns and my yarn stash, waiting for the snow to come. The most we got was a “dusting”. Enough to cover the ground in the morning and then gone by noon. So much for snow!

January I worked on a contest entry for the Second Annual Michael’s and Vanna White Contest. There are five categories, and they required the use of Vanna’a Choice Yarns. The entry pictures had to be mailed or e-mailed by February 1st. When I saw the contest ad I knew exactly what I wanted to enter. I read the rules and started on my project. I don’t want to say or show what I entered yet, I don’t want to jinx it. I will tell you that I should have read the entry instructions better. The entry instructions said that the item submitted could be from someone else’s pattern or an original design. Mine was an original design. Creating my entry was easy. I THOUGHT I had to submit the pattern with the pictures. So I wrote down the pattern which ended up taking more time than making the items. Not being good at deadlines I was thrilled to finish well ahead. Then as I was filling out the entry form I realized I did not have to send the pattern. I didn’t know weither to laugh or cry. So I chalked it up to experience and am glad to have a finished written pattern. So…..the contest winners will be announced at the end of MAY! (I know, that is a long time) Once that is announced I will post pictures.

February I worked on making a baby gift for my niece who is having a baby girl in June. We all waited to find out the sex of the baby, everyone hoping for a girl. I love the way she told us, giving us the name, instead of the sex. So, for the new baby in the family, Alexis, whose parents are big Disney fans, I made this crocheted Mickey Mouse. I have started on the Minnie Mouse and I am hoping to get it done before Alexis makes her welcome entry into the family.

Next I tackled one of the many patterns that I have in my stash. This was a pattern for an Amigurumi little girl dressed in a bunny outfit. I purchased the pattern from Owlishly. I love her designs. She has taken the basic girl or sometimes boy doll and created some awesome costumes for them. I bought the bunny pattern because I have two little nieces that I wanted to surprise with Easter Bunnies. I finished them in three days and packed them up, ready to mail out in my new special packaging. Then I looked at the calendar and realized that Easter is not until April. Way to early to send a package to two toddlers with the instructions, “Do Not Open Til Easter”. So, for once I am way ahead of my deadline. And on that happy note I’ll sign off until tomorrow.

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