The Joy and Challenges of Creating

Yesterday I told you about the “Monkeython” I had before Christmas. It involved making 22 monkeys in 24 days. Though my monkey pattern is usually pretty much standard, the clothes that I make for each monkey are custom and each comes with it’s own challenges. I needed two monkeys with Stanford College logos on white shirts. The shirts were the easy part, making the Stanford logo was the difficult part.

I had previously made a Virginia Tech monkey with a logo on a orange short sleeve shirt. For the logo I used ribbon that I found locally. Since I live in Virginia, the Virginia Hokies are BIG here. The ribbon had the Hokie logo that I cut and carefully hand sewed to the tiny T Shirt.

For the Stanford shirts I had no logo ribbon and there was not time to order any that I might find online. So, instead I thought if I could find the two JPG photo’s of the logos online, I could save them to my computer, size them down to fit the shirts, print them out, and then sew them on to the shirts. Here is where the challenge came. A paper printout just would not work. Any type of iron-on would not work because of the same size and the fact that the shirts are crocheted, not made of material. The solution came from a previous project I had worked on.

Pellon, interfacing, whatever you want to call it can be cut to printer paper size and it can be run through the printer. So, I took the JPG files, sized them down to the size I needed and printed 3 of each image (just in case of mistakes). Then I cut around the image and sewed them to the shirts. As I cut the thread on the last shirt I realized the possibilities are pretty endless. Personalized T shirts for my monkeys! Sometimes there are just more ideas than there is time to do them all.
As you can see, the Stanford monkeys turned out pretty good and made their way to California before Christmas.

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